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 Confessional #4

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Corinne Kaplan


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PostSubject: Confessional #4   Mon 22 Dec - 22:27:27

What a shit night. Boston Rob goes, but not before he can take everything we said in tribal council and tell the Heroes. Benry came to me about how Rob messaged Spencer and told him about how the other villains (not me) were all stupid enough to say things like "dur, we can totally flip the heroes". Um, no, we probably couldn't have, and we certainly cannot now. Dumbasses. The point of those questions are to be ambiguous but kind of lead you in the right direction anyways to talk about something interesting, not brag about how you think you can accomplish something you most likely won't be able to.

Then we lose immunity tonight. I guess I should be slightly okay with that. After all, we're losing another person in the game and it wasn't just a waste of a night. An actual challenge would have been nice. So yeah, I went for a gift. Oh well. It could screw me in the end, and it certainly didn't help me. I'm sure not telling anyone else, though, that's for sure. Voting time, it comes down to Brandon or Danielle. One of them was swayed by Boston Rob (of all people) to vote against Tony, so no telling how easily they'll be convinced when we merge. I'm pushing for Brandon to leave now, and Danielle would ideally be next. I just hope those gifts they both received don't come into play tonight.

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Confessional #4
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