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 Confessional #5

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Corinne Kaplan


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PostSubject: Confessional #5   Wed 24 Dec - 23:53:00

Well Brandon went, just as we wanted. I wish I could say we had some huge reason to vote him out, but to be truthful I felt it was mostly because he had missed a couple of challenges and Danielle was far more active. It wasn't until I got the ball rolling on getting out Brandon that he suggested we get rid of Tony, which probably would have been a good idea actually. My boyfriends over at the Heroes tribe, Benry and Spencer, were quick to share with me and Natalie that Tony had messaged Spencer revealing the alliance we had early on in the game and proclaimed loyalty to the Heroes by saying that he was going to flip when the merge came. That's a big damn problem, right?

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Confessional #5
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