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 (Post-Merge) Confessional #9

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Corinne Kaplan


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PostSubject: (Post-Merge) Confessional #9   Mon 29 Dec - 22:15:18

All that uncertainty I was spewing a couple of hours ago? Scratch that. I had a brief moment of "what the hell am I going to do?" but I quickly landed on a solution after this immunity challenge. The Villains were wanting to vote out Spencer if he didn't win immunity, but the cutie managed to pull it off and secured himself in the top eight. Good for him. Something about that was encouraging to me. After the challenge was over, Villains settled on voting out John where as Spencer/Natalie/Benry/Corinne (we really need an alliance name) decided it was Tony's time to get the hell out of here. He's stayed far too long.

So there you have it, folks. Corinne has officially flipped over to the bright side. If anything, the novelty of a Hero/Villain mixture is something that makes the game fun. Not just one tribe dominating the other tribe. Plus I like the Heroes boys way more than Burton and Tony, and I feel like they feel the same about me and Natalie. On top of us four, we're in the process of bringing in Danielle as our fifth. I like this because it leaves me with more options. Once we get down to five, I feel safe in suggesting Benry/me/Danielle could be final three or Natalie/me/Danielle could be final three. Spencer doesn't really fit into my plans, but I love the guy. Benry is probably my favorite though, and as of last night he is my final two and I have every intention of us making it to the end.

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Brett Clouser

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PostSubject: Re: (Post-Merge) Confessional #9   Tue 30 Dec - 12:29:48

Now I know what you're thinking Smile

Have any ID guesses?

'He's no Mike Tyson.  (pause)  He's Brett!' - Russell Hantz
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(Post-Merge) Confessional #9
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