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 (Post-Merge) Confessional #11

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Corinne Kaplan


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PostSubject: (Post-Merge) Confessional #11   Tue 30 Dec - 23:09:53

Horrible night. Absolutely horrible. Burton has been bleeding out of his vagina all day long because we left him out of voting for Tony. Spencer is being suspicious as hell, whether directly or indirectly. All in all it's been a pretty shit night. Maybe I cleared up the situation with Spencer, maybe I didn't? All I know is that I'm told with confidence that Spencer and Benry will be voting Natalie W., as well as the three Villain girls. Five votes, that's the majority. The only problem being that all I can picture happening is Natalie W. playing an idol followed by one of the three Villain girls going home. Spencer and Benry may even be in on it if that's the plan, who knows. Let it be said here that if a blindside occurs I was fully expecting it.

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(Post-Merge) Confessional #11
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