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 Fire & Ice

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Danielle DiLorenzo

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PostSubject: Fire & Ice    Tue 6 Jan - 21:39:53

Once upon a time, in the magical land of the IMDb Games: Other Games board, there lived 2 princes: sourxgumxrocks and Iraheto. Though they descended from the same bloodline of their father, King tom_delonge_ava, they were the bitterest of bitter rivals. From when they were nothing more than wee lads sending in songs from their 'Kidz Bop' albums for their first idol games, all the way to their brutal and constant backstabbing of one another in Survivor and Big Brother games as grown ass men, these two princes despised one anthers existence.

Sibling rivalry nearly caused the great kingdom of the IMDb Games: Other Games board to fall into the evil clutches of the Dark Lord EnnJaySee. See, here is the only place where prince sourxgumxrocks and prince Iraheto did see eye to eye: the annihilation of EnnJaySee, known throughout the kingdom as "The Bull".

One fateful day, The Bull pulled the trigger on his long conceived evil plan to take over the IMDb Games: Other Games board and destroy a community that had been standing strong since the medieval period (circa 2001). What The Bull did not realize was that the legends were true, prince sourxgumxrocks and prince Iraheto were magical. Prince sourxgumxrocks was born with the ability to manipulate and create fire, while prince Iraheto the ability to manipulate and create ice.

This Fire & Ice tandem had secretly been protecting the IMDb community for years and was actually the main reason for their very public sibling rivalry. Prince sourxgumxrocks had the clear advantage with fire over ice, but prince Iraheto could never handle being second fiddle.

3 days before The Bull's invasion of the IMDb Games: Other Games board, Prince Iraheto went missing. When the day came, and The Bull's army began ponding on the gates of the MDb Games: Other Games board Kingdom… the true Hero of the board, Prince sourxgumxrocks, stood alone to face his enemy.

After The Bull's army broke through the MDb Games: Other Games board lines of defense, the Bull and a hooded figure made their way to the castle. Flinging open the doors, The Bull presented himself:

The Bull: I have come for you Prince sourxgumxrocks.
Prince sourxgumxrocks: But you have not come alone.
The Bull: *turns to his hooded companion* reveal yourself!
Hooded man: It is I-- Prince Iraheto. Be you shocked brother?
Prince sourxgumxrocks: Nah, I always knew this day would come, and nothing has changed. Prepare to meet your maker!

Prince sourxgumxrocks then let out two balls of flames that simultaneously melted his traitorous brother and the evil Dark Lord EnnJaySee.

The IMDb Games: Other Games board was saved and everyone lived happily ever after. The End Smile
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Fire & Ice
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